How To Generate Leads Through Facebook?

With 1.23 billion monthly users, Facebook is a great and most popular  platform for connecting with your target audience.  It can also help you get found more easily in search, create a community around your business, promote the content you create, and develop a strong brand identity.

But how about using Facebook for lead generation?

Attracting new leads using Facebook- leads that might eventually turn into paying customers…one of the best reasons to use Facebook to generate leads for your business.

Just to clarify, let’s start with what a lead is, and the two types of leads you can generate on Facebook.

A lead is a person who has some interest in your company’s product or service by giving you their information in some way. People can show interest in a variety of ways: filling out a form to download an Ebook, by checking out your landing pages, your business links you share, or completing an online survey.

Simply liking a status update, photo, or video on your Page doesn’t make someone a lead. On Facebook, there are two ways in which you can generate leads: direct leads and indirect leads.

Direct Leads

Direct leads are generated by sharing content that links directly back to a form on your website where visitors can share information in exchange for an offer – whether that be an Ebook, coupon, infographic, or any other piece of content. This form is housed on a landing page dedicated to that specific offer.

Indirect Leads

Indirect leads are generated by using Facebook on the path to conversion. For example, if you shared a blog post that had a call-to-action to a landing page at the bottom of the post, your initial Facebook share is helping direct visitors to that landing page.

Now let’s explore more deeply the ways in which you can generate leads for your business through Facebook:

1. Understanding the Facebook algorithm

Facebook buries boring content, using an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine what appears in news feeds. Make sure you’re putting out relevant, compelling, charming stuff that matches the interests of the people you’re targeting.

  • Ask open-ended questions to invite interaction.
  • Create updates that offer real value, as opposed to spewing sales message.
  • Post at different times of day, and tailor to various outlets.
  • Limit volume: No more than one or two posts a day.

2. Facebook Live Videos

It’s like adding a personal touch with your audience to promote your business and generating leads. People mostly promotes the live videos all over social media, so that’s something to take in consideration when you looking for ways to generate leads.

It allows people to connect with you even better than they would through your books or blog posts, drive traffic to your website. Sharing your live video’s  to business related groups will help you generate leads and get checked by tons of people, that way you will earn more leads.

3. Sharing your blog posts on Facebook

You can generate leads by posting your blog’s article on the Facebook Profile or your Page. This will help in getting more traffic to your site and and people will find the optins in the posts and they will eventually turn into leads.

You can also post you offer page in the status updates and share it with your friends/followers. This will help you get more leads in organic terms through Facebook.

4. Paid Facebook Ads

One of the best things Facebook can do for your business is expand your reach to new audiences that are likely to be interested in your content — and possibly become followers, leads, and even customers down the road.

Thanks to Facebook’s very sophisticated targeting options, which let you target your ads to people based on demographics, locations, behavior and interests — even the things they do off the Facebook.


Facebook has helped several businesses to generate targeted leads. When you have leads you can easily converted them into the paying customers and that is definitely the goal of any business to earn profits.

You might have heard that the money lies in the list so scale on it and work the best to nurture those leads and in conversions.

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