Digital Wallet: Implementation Strategy At Organisational Level

The digital wallet poses much ease and benefits for the consumers but also comes with some security issues. Many of the digital wallet service providers are working on to overcome the buyer and seller protection issues, like you can reverse the payments from PayPal if the seller doesn’t deliver the correct goods.

Implementation At Organizational Level

The implementation of digital wallet at organization level is not a big problem as you have to teach your staff on how to use it and ensure that there money is secure under this method of payments.

The organization should go by a proper implementation strategy so that the technology initiative is successfully applied. The organization should start by properly train its staff on how to use the digital wallet apps and payment structure, this could done through video lessons or in class training.

Implement Tech Savvy Culture

A culture of being tech savvy needs to be bought to the organization so that the fear of technology is erased from the staff. Apart from training, the organization should use the digital wallet to make the payments for the day to day office expenses so that the staff could practically know how to use it and get ensured that its a safe mode of payment.

The staff should also be trained on who to make cash payments and cash transfers as well from the digital wallet.  

Also, the organization should make sure that cell phones of their staff support digital wallet apps, and integrate the credit card or debit card with the application (Balan, n.d.). Many of the banks and financial institutions now provide with the digital wallet services and gained much traction in recent years.


So, the implementation of the digital wallet will help the staff and organization both as it ease of use, ease of reporting the payments and electronic bank statements, and more over it will reduce the stress in making payments and save on time.


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