6 Ways To Promote Blog Post For Entrepreneurs [Infographics]

Promoting your blog articles is a big deal for bloggers, especially for those just starting up.

Entrepreneurs who are blogging for a long time have developed their loyal audience who are always looking for new update on blog and to learn about new things.

They might have generated a long list of subscribers with whom bloggers share their new posts and bring huge amount of relevant traffic.

But as an entrepreneur if you are new to promoting your blog post… I am here to tell you how to do it in this infographics below.

Here are the 6 ways to promote blog post for entrepreneurs [Infographics]:


As mentioned above the 6 basic ways to promote your blog content are:

1.Email Post To Your List:

First of all share the blog post with your subscribers list. Tell them what updates you had and ask for their feedback. Make sure to have a catchy Subject Line to get their interest. Try to send personalized emails as they works the more and help in conversion. 

2. Post on Social Media:

Post your blog content on key social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram. Catch audience attention with interesting images, and catchy headlines and description. 

3. Post On Social Bookmarking Sites:

You should post your blog post on social bookmarking sites like Growthhackers.com, Inbound.org, Reddit.com, Blogengage.com, Techspy.com and many more. You can get great amount of audience from these sites. 

4. Post Strategically On Q&A Forums:

The Question and Answer forum are a great source of traffic to blog post like from Quora and Yahoo Answers. Here you can ask questions and answer to solve other people issues. You can relate the answers to your blog post with a link. 

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5. Reach Out Influencers And Mention Them In Blog Post:

You should reach out the well known people in industry and let them know that you mentioned his/her name in your blog post. They might share it with their audience which can give boost in your blog traffic.

6. Google And Social Ads: 

In order to help in giving a push to your blog traffic you should spent on Google PPC Ads and Social media Ads (most popular is Facebook Ads). This will help in identifying right target audience for you by conducting different experiments. 

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