5 Signs That Shows You Can Take On The Entrepreneurial Journey

Evasion from the corporate world and to be your own boss looks like a very attractive pattern.


Before getting into this phenomenon it is really important to admit that how tough it is to launch a worthwhile startup.

Yes it’s the truth…

To be successful entrepreneur it seriously requires a lot of efforts and hard work. Many people try to start their own businesses but in the end they quit because they do not realize how brutal it truly is.

One has to deal with a lot of stress and pressure to cope up with their passion to be an entrepreneur.

A person who wants to start a new business should ask this question from himself before entering into the corporate world.

Are you seriously ready and determined to take on the entrepreneurial life?

The 5 points mentioned below will help you answer this question.

Here are the 5 signals which shows that you can sustain in your entrepreneurial life:

1. It surrounds you all the time:

There are some instances when you just can’t get away with some business idea which just came up in your mind.

You can be your own boss if you are constantly thinking about your business venture. From waking up in the morning till sleeping at night you are constantly taken up by your potential business.

You are continuously doing brainstorming about the new ideas, the potential product and the marketing strategies.

If you have faced this type of situation you can think to take on the challenge of being an entrepreneur.

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2. Treat the criticism as motivation

You will get demotivated by a number of factors. People within your industry and even in your society will criticize your ideas and on everything related to your venture. But let them say you know why?

Because this is what people love to do…

Many of them will criticize and point out flaws in your idea just as their pastime activity.

The right motivation that an entrepreneur can get from negative comments of people is to respond them by saying that:

I will prove you wrong…

There are hundreds of examples of successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Jack Ma and Elon Musk, all of them faced the criticism but it does not stops them in achieving their goals.

In spite of deviating from the direction they were following it to strengthen their footings even more and helped them achieve their goals.


3. You are passionate and determined about your work:

If you work with full determination and zeal. If you really enjoy what you do or what you want to do…. Or if you are fully passionate and motivated in becoming your own boss. Then it means that you are well equipped in becoming an entrepreneur.

Starting up a business and to be in self-employment is not an overnight success. With the hardships and consistent efforts it requires, it will the difficult to remain steadfast and bear all the issues without firm passion for your work.

To be passionate about your business, you need to:

  • Love your job what you do.
  • Not get bored easily in your work.
  • Get rid of stress.
  • You find the work challenging so that you can set high goals each time.
  • You are ready to take the action even alone if your team/employees even leaves you.

If you possess such characteristics it means you passionate and determined about your business and take on the entrepreneurial journey with ease.

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4. You are good with numbers and money:

Ah! It’s the main reason behind getting into self-employment and kick-starting your own business. This means you should be good in numbers (at least those numbers that matters to you) and good in managing your money.

You should know that money is the heart of any business. Your business grows by investing money in it. Though it depends on yourself that how you spend that money in your business. It really requires some wise decision making and money handling.

Are you good at handling your money? Or you just spend it without any planning? If you can manage your money well then let me tell you one thing. You can get into entrepreneurship and self-employment as this will help you grow and sustain for a long time.

There is a norm in the corporate world that big corporate hires good financial managers as their CEO, just because they manage the finances/money well and the business needs sustainability. Only the starters and growing corporations hire full stack marketers as the CEO because the business needs to grow.

5. You can handle high levels of stress

You have to be strong enough to cope up with the level of stress in your business. Getting into entrepreneurship, and investing your time and money, make you more nervous as you at the stake.

You need to fulfill the customer’s demands in whatever sense. It might require you arrange for the stock and money in no time. So it is obvious that you will be facing such pressure once you get into the business.

But you will love being in this situation once you learn how to get a relief and work with your calm. According to a study by Gallup-Healthways Well-being Index around 30-40% of the entrepreneurs reported that they are stressed out in their business.

You can get relief from stress at work by:

  • Taking short breaks and using Pomodoro Technique, using short breaks make you calm down and make you more focused towards your work.
  • Adopting healthy lifestyle and doing some exercise or yoga.
  • Achieving a work-life balance.
  • Enjoy the pressure work and get motivation from it.
  • Divide the work and pressure with your team, delegate. 

As stated;

Everyone can be an entrepreneur and can get success in it. Apart from your product strength and investment the above mentioned elements should also be considered to make sure that whether you are worthy enough to take on the journey of entrepreneurship or not.

If you have issue coping to any of the above described points then don’t worry. You can learn it and make your entrepreneurial life a success. The thing is you should realize your weaknesses and then work on to make them your strengths.

You are welcomed to share your thoughts in the comments below. Best of  Luck!

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