15 Traits That Top Entrepreneurs Have

An entrepreneur is a person that starts and runs a business while assuming all the risks and returns from the business. While some entrepreneurs have hit the jackpot with their businesses most will need to build their business the old fashioned way and have certain traits in order to be successful. Here we discuss 15 traits that top entrepreneurs have.  

  1. Having a Vision

Entrepreneurs have a vision that is clear, that is what business they want to venture in, its purpose and market position. They can describe, where, when, why, what and who of their business. A clear plan on how things will go in their businesses.

  1. Passion

Being passionate about the business. An entrepreneur will be required to put on long hours and hard work, therefore loving what they are doing keeps them going. Being passionate about what you are doing motivates you to give it your all for you enjoy doing it.

  1. Tenacious

Entrepreneurs are tough people. Having a business has many challenges and it gets tough along the way, but an entrepreneur gets tougher. They are not people willing to give up because of challenges, but they keep going striving to succeed.

  1. Confident

To be successful as an entrepreneur, you must believe in yourself. Entrepreneurs have confidence in their business and its ability to succeed. They may face rejection or people undermining their business but they keep going confidently.

  1. Flexibility

Entrepreneurs are flexible people that are always ready and willing to adapt to change. They have open mindedness in doing business and are ready to try out new ways.

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  1. Wise when it comes to money

Entrepreneurs are prudent with money. They are good in managing money and are disciplined on the same. They keep track of the money they have invested and when it comes to income generated they manage it efficiently.

  1. Hardworking

An entrepreneur requires a lot of work and sometimes without any pay especially during the early stages of the business. As an entrepreneur, one has to put the extra effort in terms of time and energy. Entrepreneurs take their work seriously and do it well.

  1. Risk takers

Entrepreneurs are risk-lovers. They are willing to test new grounds. Entrepreneurs will always go for the risky ventures for the greater risk involved then higher returns are to be expected. An internet marketing consultant can make a solid entrepreneur because they naturally take risks with their clients budgets and have modern growth strategies to scale quickly.

  1. Versatile

Entrepreneurs are able to do various functions and competently. They can work in any department of the business in case it needed of them. They possess various skills that make them competent to start and run a business.

  1. Ability to make decisions

As an entrepreneur one must be decisive in the sense that they can make decisions even when under pressure and be firm about them. They don’t procrastinate decisions but take action when it’s required.

  1. Team player

An entrepreneur understands that at some point he/she may need help and therefore they are willing and able to collaborate with others hence good team players. They understand the importance of team work for the success of the business and therefore possess the trait of a team player.

  1. Persuasive

As an entrepreneur, you will be required to either to sell your product or even the idea to financiers or potential investors and even the team they bring on board. Hence one must be persuasive and a good negotiator. An entrepreneur should be able to convince others of their idea or business and its ability to thrive.

13. Creative

Entrepreneurs are creative people. They always think outside the box on issues and come up with solutions for any problems arising in the business. They come up with original ways of doing things that makes them different from their competitors. They see opportunity where others don’t or amidst crisis.

  1. Detail oriented

An entrepreneur should always pay attention to detail to avoid making wrong decisions. In the current world where most people want to make easy money through fraud an entrepreneur cannot afford to look at details lightly. They must study the details keenly so as to make informed decisions.

  1. Intelligent

An entrepreneur is someone that is intelligent with the ability to understand principles and facts of the business world. Should have knowledge and be able to apply it in the business for it to succeed.


Being an entrepreneur is rewarding tremendously. But then it requires a lot aside from having that great idea and vision.one must have certain traits to succeed.

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